Our Absurd Life: 07/02/22 – Flea Collars

Hola Family, Friends & Book Worms Thank you Martin for your reply.  Yes, I have been slowly refining the hair styles of the female spiders, hopefully making them look better.  A friend once emailed me asking what those “smoke stacks” represented on the tops of their heads — and then I knew I needed toContinue reading “Our Absurd Life: 07/02/22 – Flea Collars”

Our Absurd Life: 07/01/22 – Flea Pow(D)er

Hola Family, Friends & Computer Scientists Today’s cartoon contains a design change for the spiders.  It’s one that I’ve pondered about for a while, but wasn’t sure if I would like it. See if you can spot what’s different. Hope everyone’s having a great Friday. Until mañana . . . Bring on the arachnids! IanContinue reading “Our Absurd Life: 07/01/22 – Flea Pow(D)er”

Our Absurd Life: 06/30/22 – Sea-Worthy Suggestion

Hola Family, Friends and Life Guards Speaking of life guards, we were at the beach yesterday.  I watched from a shady vantage point as my sister braved the waves.  Maybe next year for me. And while at the beach, I was reminded of a positive affirmation I created back when I was living and commutingContinue reading “Our Absurd Life: 06/30/22 – Sea-Worthy Suggestion”

Our Absurd Life: 06/29/22 – The Gift Of The Melvin

Hola Family, Friends & Stay-At-Home-Parents Thanks, Miriam, you make a good point.  Over time it seems we have lost half our newspapers, and that there might be other exciting venues in the future for cartoonists. Thanks, Linda for your encouragement. And thanks, Andrew for your daily “Love it.”  Miss you guys and hope you allContinue reading “Our Absurd Life: 06/29/22 – The Gift Of The Melvin”

Our Absurd Life: 06/28/22 – Melvin Muscles

Hola Family, Friends & DSP’s ( you know who you are, Farley 😀 ) Why does Ian keep drawing these silly spider cartoons? Good question, one that I’ve thought about often. #1 My family enjoys them #2 I enjoy and have grown fond of them #3 I can complete one in a short amount ofContinue reading “Our Absurd Life: 06/28/22 – Melvin Muscles”

Our Absurd Life: 06/27/22 – Today’s Forecast: Heavy Showers

Hola Family, Friends & Amphibians Welcome back to Monday — the Starting Gate of the Week! But some of us do work 6 or 7 days.  Or 800 days if you’re from Neptune.  Or something outlandish like that. ***Cartoon Challenge of the Week*** Expressions.  I tend to fall back on the same facial expressions.  ItContinue reading “Our Absurd Life: 06/27/22 – Today’s Forecast: Heavy Showers”

Our Absurd Life: 06/26/22 – Smokin’

Hola Family, Friends and Restaurant Workers I hope everyone’s having an enjoyable weekend. The newest Spaghetti cartoon is up.  Please use the web address below.  Once you’re on the Our Absurd Life website, click or tap Spaghetti.  I worked on my shirt collars all this week and Paul’s own shirt collar is looking better —Continue reading “Our Absurd Life: 06/26/22 – Smokin’”

Our Absurd Life: 06/24/22 – Greater Than Expectations

Hola Family, Friends & Book Worms I wish everyone a happy Friday! Still working on those shirt collars.  Reminding myself to look at my own shirt collars when in front of a mirror. And until Marjorie gets a Perm . . . Bring on the Spiders! Ian S Florida WWW.OurAbsurdLife.com P.S. “No rulers were harmedContinue reading “Our Absurd Life: 06/24/22 – Greater Than Expectations”

Our Absurd Life: 06/23/22 – Number Game

Hola Family, Friends & Accountants Can you say HOT! Whew!  Definitely scorchin’ here in Florida-Berg. Still working on those shirt collars — practice, practice, practice — and I am seeing improvement. Stay cool everyone. And until mañana . . . Bring on those Spiders! Ian S Florida WWW.OurAbsurdLife.com P.S. “No rulers were harmed during theContinue reading “Our Absurd Life: 06/23/22 – Number Game”