Our Absurd Life: 06/13/22 – The Question Of Digestion

The Question Of Digestion

Hola Family, Friends and Forest Rangers

I’ve got a favor to request.

I’d love to get more people seeing my cartoons and visiting my website.  If each person who receives my daily cartoon could pass along my website address to 2 people they know — then that would be a great start.  Consider writing down the web address on a couple of Post-Its and keep them in your pocket.  Then during the day when you see someone you think might enjoy the cartoons, give them the Post-It.  It could be a friend, co-worker, or a person you see while out in the community, like at a gym, a grocery store, a church, a club or at a doctor’s office.  Post Office, too.  Though they did lose one of my boxes during my move. 


You can write it down the way I’ve typed it above — a combination of upper and lowercase.  The capital letters help to differentiate the start of each word when they’re all pressed together as a web address.

Another idea is to forward one of my daily emails to someone on your email contact list.  Include a short note letting them know you’ve enjoyed these free cartoons and that maybe they would, too.

I need to start doing the same thing here in Florida.  Get the word out and introduce myself.  My family has offered a few good suggestions, too.  And if anyone has other ideas, then please send them to me.  The more the merrier.

Have a great Monday, everyone.

Until mañana . . .

Bring on the Spiders!

Ian S




“No rulers were harmed during the making of this cartoon.”

“Let’s still be careful out there.”

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