Our Absurd Life: 05/15/22 – Whoopsie-Daisy


Hola Family, Friends and those I haven’t met yet . . .

While writing the dialogue for today’s cartoon, I spent the most time figuring out how best to write the set-up of the joke.  Because the punchline required specific words from the cartoon’s set-up to have it make sense (since the overall joke is completely absurd), I needed to make sure the reader wouldn’t forget those specific words.  Basically I had narrowed the word-order of my set-up to 2 possibilities: the 1st set-up read the most cleanly and smoothly; and the 2nd set-up was clumsy sounding, but it placed important words at the very end, which I believed would help the readers out.  I decided to go with option #2.

BTW: A “set-up” is all the information that goes before the joke’s punchline.  It sets up the joke.

I also chose to name the elder spider Mr. McIntire in honor of a family friend who passed away not too long ago.  Thanks for being such an important part of my uncle’s life, as well as my own.

I can’t forget to remind everyone that today is Spaghetti Sunday!

To view the cartoon, please visit the Our Absurd Life website by tapping OurAbsurdLife

Then scroll down until you find “Spaghetti #36″ and click on it to read the comic strip.”

Have a great Sunday everyone!

Until mañana . . .

Bring on the Spiders!

Ian S




“No rulers were harmed during the making of this cartoon.”

“Let’s still be careful out there.”

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