Our Absurd Life: 04/05/22 – Just Hang Around

Just Hang Around

Hola Family & Friends

It’s been almost 6 months since I last sent out a cartoon–and a lot has happened.

First of all I am now living in Florida!

No, I wasn’t run outta town by the Cartoon Police for lack of Daily Cartoons.  I’ve actually moved here to live with my mom, dad & sister.  It’s been a good and positive change for me, one we’d been talking about for a long time.  I do miss my family & friends in California and I wish I could send you all some rain–especially since we get buckets here!

This is also a perfect opportunity for me to get back to my cartoons.  During my sabbatical I continued drawing my characters.  Now that I have more available time, I can start stepping back into the Wild World of Cartoons on a regular basis.

Since my dad, Carlos, has often told me how much he enjoys The Spider cartoons, I decided to go all out just for him and explore their world for a while–one day at a time.  I figure I’ll shoot for at least 2 months worth of Spider cartoons.  I actually completed 2 today so I’ve got one in the bag.  It’s feels great getting back into the Silly Saddle again, ya git me, pardner?

I hope everyone on my email list has been staying safe and keeping healthy.  And I hope everyone on your own email list has been staying safe and keeping healthy, too.

Now that I’m back, please let me know if you’d like to be removed from the daily cartoon mail outs.  

Hey, you may not like spiders.

Or somethin’ crazy like that.

All the best.

Ian S




“No rulers were harmed during the making of this cartoon.”

“Let’s still be careful out there.”

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