Our Absurd Life: 04/28/21 – Incinerated


Hola Night Owls & Early Birds

Tonight’s Essential Cartoon may prove discomforting.  If you don’t like discomforting cartoons, then it’s okay to skip this one and join us again for the next one.

The idea came to me after a long work day with numerous rounds of hand sanitizer.

A product I’ve used for a while, which has helped immensely with dry hands and cracking skin — especially during the pandemic — is CeraVe Moisturing Cream.  And I’ve tried lots of different products over the years, but CeraVe has worked the best.  I also wash my dishes with rubber gloves, which also helps a lot.  

And I learned while with a client at a dermatologist’s office, that washing our hands in hot water strips away our skin’s oily layer, which is a natural protectant.  It was recommended not to use hot water.  I tend to wash my hands in cold, which has helped reduce dryness.

If anyone has discovered any other helpful moisturizing tips, let me know, and I’ll include them in tomorrow’s email.

Until mañana . . .

Humor abounds.

Ian S.



“No rulers were harmed during the making of this cartoon.”

“Let’s still be careful out there.”

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