Our Absurd Life: 05/25/22 – The Towering Paisano

The Towering Paisano

Hola Family, Friends and those I haven’t met yet

For years I’ve used a basic, no-frills, super simple, old skool, 2G flip phone.  No internet, no GPS, no-high tech nothin’.  (Farley’s probably laughing at me now.)  I can fold it up, slip it into my pocket, and no butt dials.  I’ve dropped it multiple times and the screen is not a spider’s web of cracks.  I could probably even throw the phone at a mugger’s head, run away, and leave him with a big bump on his head.

Well, today that’s all gonna change.

My sister’s been slowly pushing me in the direction to “get with the times” and “level up.”  A few of my friends have also made similar suggestions.  I do like taking photos, and making videos are fun, too.  I learned the hard way last year that when your car breaks down on the side of the road, AAA will send you links to open up on your phone — but I am unable to open up links on my flip phone.  I also have to keep telling everyone to send stuff –pictures and videos– to my email and not my phone.

It did take longer to send text messages.  And if I took new pictures or videos then I had to keep deleting the old ones because the flip phone’s memory could only keep about 70 pictures and about 7 short clips.  And the battery was constantly quickly draining.  

And it’s good to try something new.  And it opens a whole new world of stuff I can do with my cartoons.

Here’s to progress.

Have a great Wednesday everyone.

Until mañana. . .

Bring on the Spiders!

Ian S




“No rulers were harmed during the making of this cartoon.”

“Let’s still be careful out there.”

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