Our Absurd Life: 07/23/21 – Volume + Height = Watch Out!

Volume + Height = Watch Out!

Hola Night Owlz & Early Birdz

Gave myself the gift of a day-off from work, so I was able to get tonight’s Essential Cartoon completed before midnight.

It’s another cartoon highlighting the critters in our life — particularly of the feline variety.

Experimenting with not adding a horizon line, or any shadows beneath the subjects.  I’ve seen New Yorker cartoons with the bare essentials, so why not try it out, right?

I also like the new italics version of Our Absurd Life I’ve been playing with, which gives the title an energetic feel.  It probably works better on the bottom right side of the page.  

And, not that it has anything to do with tonight’s cartoon, I’ve been spending more time practicing drawing hands, particularly of the 4-digit cartoon variety.  Cartoon Master Bruce Blitz says, Ya gotta work on the areas that are hard to do.  Thanks Mr. Blitz.

I guess that’s it.

Until we meet again . . .

Humor abounds.

Ian S.



“No rulers were harmed during the making of this cartoon.”

“Let’s still be careful out there.”

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