Our Absurd Life: 07/07/21 – Cautious Objector

Cautious Objector

Hola Night Owls & Early Birdz

I don’t know about you, but today felt like the planets were all misaligned.  Or just plain outta whack, as my Uncle Vinny might’ve said.

Tonight’s Essential Cartoon looks at what the slow shift back to “normalcy” may look like for some of us, courtesy of the Absurd World of CV-19 1/2. 

Now off to bed and early to raise . . .

Makes a cartoonist very sleepy and irritable.   (Have I said I’m not a morning person?)

Until mañana + 1 . . .

Humor abounds.

Ian S.



“No rulers were harmed during the making of this cartoon.”

“Let’s still be careful out there.”

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