Our Absurd Life: 03/07/21 – The Reason for Human Existence Revealed

The Reason for Human Existence Revealed

Hola Night Owls

I hope everyone had a care-package day — cuz everyone likes gettin’ gifts in the mail!

Tonight’s Essential Cartoon continues Cat Week!  

Last night’s cartoon contained lots of shapes.  I’ve learned from reading art books and watching videos it is extremely important to get comfortable drawing the square, rectangle, circle and triangle.  They are the building blocks, particularly the square/cube and circle/sphere.  So I’ve spent a lot of phone calls just drawing these shapes over and over.  Artists also talk about learning to “see through” these shapes to help with perspective and to understand how the shapes “sit” in the surrounding space.

All really cool stuff!

I wish everyone a restful rest of your night.  And if you can’t sleep — then try counting squares jumping over a fence!  

Until mañana . . .


Ian S.



“No rulers were harmed during the making of this cartoon.”

“Let’s still be careful out there.”

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