Our Absurd Life: 02/18/21 – A Slightly Unhealthy Attachment

A Slightly Unhealthy Attachment

Hola Night Owls

Man, where does the time go?  It was here a minute ago, then –WHOOSH– it’s gone!  Like trying to catch lightening in a bottle.

Tonight’s Near Midnight Essential Cartoon pokes fun at us and our cell phones.  It was a tough cartoon to do, lots of erasing and fixes, trying to get the perspective, the figures, all the extras looking believable.  Good thing I’m still learning.  But it is just one cartoon of many.

Speaking of which, I had forgot to mention, I think yesterday or the day before marked my 3rd completed 90 cartoons in 90 days. Which adds up to about 270 cartoons.  Now it’s the slow sprint to make a full year — but who’s racing, right?  We don’t need to make time go any faster.

As always, thanks again for everyone’s support.  Stay creative.

I wish you all a restful rest of your night.

Until mañana . . .


Ian S.



“No rulers were harmed during the making of this cartoon.”

“Let’s still be careful out there.”

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