Our Absurd Life: 10/22/20 – Game Night

Game Night

Hola Night Owls

I hope everyone has had a terrific day.  Not one full of traffic, like mine.  But terrific.

Tonight’s Essential Cartoon brings a new set of characters to the drawing table–one of Mother Nature’s nocturnal creatures.

The bat.

I once had the good fortune of visiting Australia.  Where in New York City we had pigeons galore–Australia has enormous fruit bats that would cluster in the dark trees at night and swoop about.  And then to see them take wing (must’ve been hundreds of them) for their feeding time in the evening–WOW!   

What a perfect Halloween creature.  Along with the spider, of course.

Speaking of Halloween, I see the candy and the costumes on display at the stores, but how’s it all gonna work out this year?

Buy candy.  Stay home.  Eat it yourself.  Maybe put on a costume and watch a scary movie if you like.  

Sounds like a winning plan to me.

I wish everyone a restful rest of your evening.

Until tomorrow. . . 


Ian S.


“No rulers were harmed during the making of this cartoon.”

“Let’s still be careful out there.”

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