Our Absurd Life: 09/23/20 – Uh-Oh


Hola Night Owls

I hope everyone has had a great day.  

Thank you, Sallie, for researching the “discombobulated” mystery.  Tune in tomorrow, folks, to learn of her findings.

The idea for Tonight’s Essential Cartoon has been with me for a while.  I knew there was something I wanted to do with the image, but wasn’t sure what.  Yesterday, while waiting for my local bone-cracker to twist my neck off my spine (he calls it making an “adjustment” Hah!), the idea came to me as I sat there observing the electrical wall outlet.  It cracks me up, so I hope you dig it.

I wish everyone a restful rest of your evening.

Until tomorrow. . . 


Ian S.


“No rulers were harmed during the making of this cartoon.”

“Let’s still be careful out there.”

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