Our Absurd Life: 08/07/20 – The Monument

The Monument

Hola Friends & Family

I hope everyone has had a wonderful day.  Does the word “wonderful” come from “full of wonder?”  I hope you all had a full of wonder day?  That’s an interesting thought.

Today’s Essential Cartoon accompanies yesterday’s Essential Cartoon.  It’s a follow-up, a tag-along, a shotgun-seat rider.  So, yeah, they’re joined at the hip.  We were discussing bugs.  Computer bugs.  Or at least I was.  

Man, I am glad it’s Fri-Atterday.  Sooooooo glad.

And just to clarify about the cartoon, the date on the monument of our small intrepid adventurer is the date of his or her demise.  

I wish everyone a good evening.  And it’s still early enough to work on some elusive creative project that resides half-hidden underneath a sofa cushion or tucked away in a desk drawer or forgotten about in the garage.  A knitting project,  a collection of poetry, a screenplay, a novel, a painting, a sock puppet, a (fill in the blank).

Be well and safe.

Until tomorrow…

Ian S



“No rulers were harmed during the making of this cartoon.”

“Let’s still be careful out there.”

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