Our Absurd Life: 08/05/20 – Frida


Hola Friends & Family

Today is the big 90!  90 completed cartoons in 90 days!  I had to pinch myself last night as I finished up today’s Essential Cartoon and tell myself, “Wow, Ian, you really did it.  You really did it!”

Looking back at how this all started–way back 3 whole months ago–it seemed to be a perfect storm of elements.  I had been drawing cartoons and sending them to my friends and family via snail mail throughout 2018 on a regular basis.  My goal back then was 1 completed cartoon a week.  But then I let life step-in and used whatever available excuses that sounded sensible at the time and stopped my weekly pilgrimage to Cartoonville.  And I just couldn’t muster up the energy or motivation to get those drawing sneakers back on my feet.

Then in April we went into our Sheltering Place and it continued to eat at me that I had a pile of cartoon ideas but couldn’t get going again.  I had ideas about submitting a couple cartoons to our staff newsletter.  Then my friend Mercy began her own daily mail out of cartoons that I believe she had found online.  And every day she would send these cartoons to her contacts with her own inspiring message trying to keep us all connected.  I loved what she was doing and thought I could do that, too.

And then one night I drew a cartoon of 2 people wearing masks, colored it in, was hit by a demented idea to send it to all my friends and family–and then somehow–from somewhere–made an absurd proclamation that I would draw 90 cartoons in 90 days. 

And so it began.  And then my friend George got me involved with the weekly senior newsletter, and then Mr. Ryce wrote a short piece about my challenge and published a couple cartoons in the Monterey County Weekly, and then my friend Lee created a website, and that was only over the past 3 months.


So cake and ice cream on me.  Eat as much as you want.  No dieting allowed. 

Thank you everybody for being on my personal support team, checking in with me and especially keeping me on my game and accountable.

Really, thank you.

Ian S



“No rulers were harmed during the making of this cartoon.”

“Let’s still be careful out there.”

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