Our Absurd Life: 07/08/20 – Interview1


Buenas Noches Friends & Family

Time got away from me this morning. It does that when you’re not looking. Or when you leave its cage open for a second.

Hope everyone had a safe and healthy day. And creative, too.

I did my 2nd official video Zoom meeting today–very odd experience. I have a cartoon cooking on the grill about it right now.

My mother sent me s very funny article about theme parks in Japan–they’ve banned screaming on the roller coasters, for Covid reasons. They said, “Scream in your heart.” I think we’re already screaming in our hearts from the roller coaster of life.

But, yes, that’s another cartoon on the grill, looking for an image to glom onto.

That’s a great word, glom. The online definition means to “steal” or “become stuck or attached to.”

Let’s glom together, folks, but 6-feet apart, please. 😀

Have a great night.

Ian S



“No rulers were harmed during the making of this cartoon.”

“Let’s still be careful out there.”

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